Learn The Invincible Breathing™ Method
For Mind, Body And Sport

Learn By Yourself Or With A Partner

Expert Guidance With Ciaran McKeown

A therapist and breathwork instructor, with over 15 years of experience working alongside his brother, Patrick McKeown.

Personalized Routines

Work with Ciaran for a routine tailored to your goals and delivered to you after your session.

Flexible Booking

You only need to pay for one session at a time. Bookings can be rescheduled at no extra cost.

Transparent Pricing

 $145 (USD) for 2 hours and $95 (USD) for 1 hour or equivalent in your currency

Pure Oxygen Advantage

Learn how to improve breath efficiency and more for running, cycling, and weight lifting

OA Breathe healthier

Get help for conditions that involve dysfunctional breathing patterns: asthma, allergies, sleep disturbed breathing, and anxiety

OA One Hour

For anyone seeking a slower learning pace or for those who wish to follow-up or refresh their knowledge

Ciaran McKeown 

BA, MA Counselling & Psychotherapy, FBPI

Ciaran McKeown is a formally trained mental health counsellor and breathwork instructor, who has worked with his brother Patrick McKeown for more than 15 years helping people improve their emotional and physical health through breathwork. Ciaran’s interest in teaching breathwork began when he successfully used the Buteyko method as a fix for his asthma and anxiety. Later, together with Patrick he incorporated breathwork into his trail running and has taught OA ever since.

As a breathwork instructor, Ciaran specializes in working with individuals who want to increase their physical performance. He also helps sufferers of conditions where dysfunctional breathing patterns are present such as asthma, allergies, anxiety and poor sleep.

Ciaran’s passion for breathwork is evident in the way he conducts his sessions. He is known for his compassionate and supportive approach which he believes is essential for empowering a student to be at ease with their work and to carry on improving.

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These sessions are for any candidates wishing to learn the Oxygen Advantage (OA) in ways that are completely tailored to their needs.

The Oxygen Advantage is a breathing technique that aims to improve athletic performance and overall health by optimizing the way we breathe through a series of exercises that focus on breathing through the nose, reducing breathing volume, and increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the body. It can lead to benefits such as improved endurance, better recovery times, and reduced stress.

Yes, you can; a partner or friend can be present to learn with you or remotely.

Yes, you may change your session time and date at our dedicated page here, however, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

We conduct sessions across all time zones. When you book with us you will be shown and allocated a time slot in your local time zone.

We will send you out an email with a private Zoom Video Invitation Link as soon as you secure your booking. No worries: If you are late joining your session we will phone you to make sure that you have the invitation.

A computer, tablet or mobile phone capable of joining a Zoom meeting. We will send you an SMS and email reminder one day before your session, please test your software and equipment then. You will also need a notebook and a pen.

When your session is completed we will email you with a recap of your session if required and a ink to access our exercise guides.

One To One Training: +1 260 272 0057 (US Only)

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