Oropharyngeal Exercises

Oropharyngeal exercises are a set of exercises aimed at strengthening and toning the muscles around the soft palate and airway (oropharynx). These exercises help to maintain the firmness of these muscles during sleep, thereby reducing the chances of them vibrating or obstructing the airway at night.

These exercises can be practised with Oxygen Advantage or Buteyko breathwork allowing you to tackle the main contributing factors involved with snoring and sleep apnea:

  • High Loop Gain (low tolerance to carbon dioxide)
  • Floppy airway muscles
  • Poor tongue posture
  • Mouth Breathing

Additionally, practising both exercises together also means that you will not have to devote any extra time to working out these muscles; our breathwork and oropharyngeal exercises can be done at the same time.

As with any type of workout regimen, it requires time and effort for these mouth exercises to have an effect. However, if committed, results from our students and elsewhere are promising. Independently, a significant number of snorers and those with mild to moderate OSA have reported that these exercises lead to less snoring and better sleep.
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